Lemax Village Collection Cassie's Couture # 15764
Lemax Cassie's Couture

Lemax Village Collection Cassie's Couture # 15764

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Light Cord Inside Styrofoam




Light Hole Located in Back
Lemax Cassie's Couture
Item # 15764
Cassie's Couture Handbags is the best place for fine and quality handbags. It's impossible to miss this building as the roof lines are shaped like actual handbags. Inside the lighted front window, you can see some of the fancy and fashionable handbags for sale. Out front, there's even a sidewalk sale bin being carefully guarded by a furry white poodle.
Approx. size (H x W x D)
6.30 x 5.87 x 4.57 inches
16 x 14.9 x 11.6 cm
Year Released: 2021
Made of: Porcelain
Product type: Lighted Building
Control switch: On/Off switch
Electrical: With 1.83m cord (6 feet) or with LED light cord with battery box or with LED light cord with adaptor

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