Lemax Spooky Town Haunted Clock Tower with Adaptor # 35531

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August 2014

Lemax Haunted Clock Tower with Adaptor
Item # 35531
Features Include:
Porcelain lighted house
Clock hand in front turns
Gears revolve
Skeleton inside the tower moves up and down with rope
Sound track in English only
Volume Control and Power Switch for all functions
Adaptor included
This unit will draw approx. 350mA current at 4.5V DC
Approx. size: ( H x W x D )
11.69 x 6.5 x 5.91 inches
29.7 x 16.5 x 15 cm
Lemax Haunted Clock Tower with Adaptor
Item # 35531
This is a gray and blue creepy Halloween clock tower. A lighted dial in the middle looms over the grim reaper at the front door, and the skeleton who controls the mechanism. The cogs are visible on the outside of the building. Skulls and moss and a broken fence lie on the front lawn.